Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Biloxi, Mississippi: Summer -- or winter?

By Jane Feehan

Travel by car between Biloxi, Miss. and New Orleans takes just over an hour. There’s plenty to compare or contrast about the two cities: different states, different Hurricane Katrina damage – and different recovery. But there is something else when it comes to their respective tourist seasons. As Biloxi slows down in October and November things ramp up in New Orleans.

Both cities share the same weather. The differences in tourist season timing may be that people think beach when they think about Biloxi in the summer; when New Orleans comes to mind most imagine an intolerably hot walk through the French Quarter – and they are right. The fall is friendlier to the Crescent City visitor.

Not to place Biloxi in the same league as New Orleans, but if the Mississippi gambling mecca is worth coming to in the summer, try the winter. And if you've come from afar to Biloxi, a trip to New Orleans is also in order.

For those of you who know Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Mississippi and not in New Orleans, the recovery is going splendidly. Oh, and something else about Biloxi this time of year: speckled trout and red fish are running in the Mississippi Sound and flocks of spectacular birds are flying overhead on their way south for the winter. Some birds even stop for a few hours to grab a bite at the beach. © 2009 All rights reserved.

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