Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mediterraneo Bistro - Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Mediterraneo Bistro
1314 Government Street
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
Open for lunch Monday-Saturday at 11
Dinner – call for hours – not posted

By Jane Feehan

A first impression means everything; it’s critical to running a successful restaurant. Alarms went off on a visit to Mediterraneo when a handwritten sign on copy paper advertising New Year’s Eve was still posted two days later.


I was annoyed by the waitress who handed me a menu just as I was pulling the chair out and beginning to sit down. Chair or menu? Geez. THEN I see greasy fingerprints and a speck of dirt on the bread plate, which I asked to be replaced.

The quintessential bad first impression got worse.

Their lunch menu wasn’t appealing – some tapas, po-boys (huh?) and a few other items. I settled on an order of hummus, and a trio of tapas, including crab cakes, spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) and Piquillo (pepper stuffed with honey goat cheese). The hummus was good, crab cakes gummy and the stuffed pepper seemed to be a reheated frozen rendition. The spanakopita was tasty, not outstanding. Olive bread served before the meal was so dry it crumbled apart as I buttered a small piece.

The dinner menu (see Web site above) appears to be more appealing but some of the items listed online are not available such as smoked seafood croquettes. Steaks, lamb, pork and fish entrees also served.

My first visit was a turnoff - enough to diminish chances of a second visit for dinner. Moderately priced. Full bar. © 2010 All rights reserved.

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Greg said...

My experience was worse than Jane's: We didn't even stay to eat. Could have been great, but no. I'm surprised they are still open.