Friday, July 30, 2010

Jupiter: Give me a home where fish jump and boats roam

Jupiter Seasport Marina
1095 N. A1A
Jupiter, Florida 33477
Fishing tops many lists of things to do when visiting – or living – in South Florida.  Consider Jupiter fishing charters. There are fewer boats off and along coastal waters in Palm Beach County than in Broward and Miami-Dade counties competing for fish.   

Jupiter Seasport Marina (undergoing renovation spring, summer 2012)  is home to a number of charter boats and fishing guides. Prices vary and may even be negotiable. Captain Lou, for instance, offers several alternatives for fishing or boating enthusiasts. His air-conditioned vessel is available for $600 half a day. Another boat, un-air-conditioned, can be chartered for $500 half a day. Not bad for a party of six (the max). Both vessels are available for a quarter day.

“I take care of the bait, poles and fishing licenses,” Captain Lou said.  The rest, including food, is up to the passengers who must also bring their own fishing luck. 

Check out Captain Lou and other captains offering comparable arrangements on a variety of vessels:

Capt. Lou            561-747-7257                     37 Meritt  (ask about other boat)
Capt. Dan            561-743-1481                     51 Whittiker
Capt. Tom           561-744-5932                     51 Garlington
Capt. Tony          561-743-6942                     41 Hatteras
Capt. George       561-746-0032                     31 Contender

Head Boats
Capt. Jason          561-309-3328                     38 Downeaster
Capt. Jason          561-309-3328                     44 Downeaster
Capt. Jim             561-262-5329                      44 Drift Fishing Boat
Capt. Corey         561-262-1183                     40 Dorado
Capt. Leon          561-602-3743                      40 Young Brothers

Fishing Guides
George LaBonte   561-746-0032
Joe Dobbins         561-262-7899
Charlie Stuve        561-262-2652     
John Duxbury       561-741-1212                    

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