Monday, August 30, 2010

Florida History: Palm Beach County town once served as Dade County seat

Juno, an oceanside town about 14 miles north of today’s West Palm Beach, served as county seat for 7,200-square-mile Dade County from 1890 to 1900. Juno was the rail connection between north Florida and
the southern part of the state. The line ran by the Indian River through Jupiter and southward.

Juno prospered in the 1890s until railroad builder (and Standard Oil cofounder) Henry Flagler refused to pay an exorbitant right-of-way fee demanded by a group of town landowners. Instead, at great expense, Flagler built his own rail line west of Juno and south to Palm Beach, sending this county seat into steep decline.

Current-day Juno Beach was incorporated in 1953 and again flourishes. Copyright © 2010. Jane Feehan. All rights reserved. Check archives on this blog for other Florida history facts.
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