Monday, September 6, 2010

Florida History: First WWII Congressional Medal of Honor to Fort Lauderdale grad

Lt. Alexander Ramsey Nininger, Jr.

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 Lt. Alexander (Sandy) Nininger, Jr., a graduate of Fort Lauderdale High School (1937) and West Point (1941), was killed in action January 12, 1942 on Bataan, a little more than six weeks after the Pearl Harbor attack. For his valor in attempting to thwart a Japanese assault, Nininger was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the  first of World War II. Nininger was laid to rest in a church at Abucai, Province of Bataan, the Philippines.

Among many tributes was the naming of a drive off Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale to the War Memorial Auditorium as “Sandy Nininger Drive,” and the establishment by the Kiwanis Club of the "Sandy Nininger Medal" to honor high school students who have made the most of their opportunities. Check archives on this blog for other Florida history facts.

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