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Florida History: "Boring Boynton" - Not always

Florida East Coast Hotel Company
East Coast of Florida: 
The new Florida General Information and Hotel List for 1901-1902

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Hotel Boynton, opened in 1897 by Nathan S. Boynton, welcomed visitors before Fort Lauderdale was much more than a trading post. The Florida East Coast Hotel Company promoted Boynton in its printed materials for the Florida East Coast Railway. Excerpts follow:

Boynton, Florida (1901-1902)
Located on the ocean beach at the foot of Lake Worth and in the heart of the farming lands of Dade County. Nearly the whole list of garden vegetables and various tropical and sub-tropical fruits do well in the moist muck lands in this section … hunting and fishing is equal to that at any point along the coast.

Hotel Boynton and Cottages (1901-1902)
Major N.S. Boynton, Proprietor
Open January 1 to May 1st
Accommodates 100. Rates $2.50 to $3.00 per day; $15.00 to $18.00 per week. $50 to $65.00 per month. A cottage hotel, with large, well-furnished sleeping rooms, large dining room, wide halls and verandas. Lighted by gas, and with all the modern improvements. Only fifty feet from the ocean beach. Surrounded by cocoanut palms, tropical shrubbery and velvet lawn …

276 Miles from St. Augustine
Fare: One way …   $11.05
          Round trip … 17.00
Note: Part of the original Boynton is now called  Ocean Ridge. The phrase "Boring Boynton" comes from the 2004 movie, Meet the Fockers
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