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Florida History: Would Jack Sparrow have dined in 1950s Fort Lauderdale?

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By Jane Feehan

Miami News Food Editor Bertha Cochran Hahn ventured to Fort Lauderdale in 1956 to get a glimpse of and sample the food at a few  hotels. On her itinerary were two that had recently opened, the Jolly Roger and Yankee Clipper, and another that opened in 1949, the Escape Hotel.

Pirate Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) would have been right at home in Jolly Roger’s Rogues Roost where the menu offered, as Hahn wrote, oysters on the half skull costing 20 clams, and corn at a buck-an-oar; dessert of Sea Urchin pie a la toad for four farthings, and a bucket of blood (fresh) with two pieces of eight.

A feast at the beach side Yankee Clipper with its Oysters Rockefeller, West Indian Mango Chutney and other fare of the Polynesian Room may also have appealed to pirate Sparrow. And, though the menu at off-the-beach Escape Hotel would hook him with its roast beef and tender-topped ice cream cake, the elegant dining room would not have been his cup of rum.

The Jolly Roger, now the Sea Club Resort and the Yankee Clipper, a B Ocean property, still serve as hotels, though different places than in the 1950s boom years. The Escape Hotel has long been closed, operating at one time  as an assisted living facility. It was the first hotel with a pool in Fort Lauderdale, the first to be open year round. Historic preservationists hope to save the building from destruction but it appears to be a tough fight.

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