Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wylder's Waterfront Bar and Grill - Looking for their groove in Tequesta CLOSED

Wylder’s Waterfront Bar and Grill
18701 SE Federal Highway
Tequesta, Florida 33469
Open 11 a.m. daily for lunch and dinner

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Open about six months, Wylder’s Waterfront Bar and Grill is still trying to find its groove. It’s an outdoor place, configured around a pool with a great view of Hobe Sound.

Adjacent to the Jupiter Pointe Club and Marina, Wylder’s doesn’t have the food thing quite figured out. Twice in two days they ran out of items off a small menu. It’s hard to describe what’s served here but I’ll call it bar food: wings, burgers, nachos, fish sandwiches (about $10). Simple choices, which is OK, but it’s not good.
There’s live music but they need to crank up the tempo a bit. I heard 60s and 70s tunes played at half speed.  Wylder’s seems as tentative about the music as they are the menu. It may be because they don’t appear to know the kind of crowd they want to attract. Patrons include all ages, but families with kids dominate the day scene - an odd mix for a place with bar in its name.

All this said, Wylder’s view overlooking the beautiful aqua waterway is worth a visit. It’s almost good enough to make one forget about the mediocre food and foot-dragging music. Something tells me they’ll work it out; it’s still a new place.  They just need to hone the concept.

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Anonymous said...

Probably because they have no website and don't update their Facebook page. No one knows whats going on or if they are even still open. Sad because there is no where else like that on the way tere up here.