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Florida History: Fort Lauderdale's War Memorial Auditorium

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War Memorial Auditorium
800 NE 8th Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304

Owned and operated by Fort Lauderdale, the War Memorial Auditorium opened January 14, 1950. The building seats 2,100 and has served as a venue for exhibits, shows, graduations, dances and more.

Miami News columnist William McHale, Jr. wrote about the memorial building, constructed for $450,000, shortly after it opened:

In the summer of 1946 civic groups began talking about a suitable commemoration for men and women of Fort Lauderdale who had served in the recent war.

Ideas on what that memorial should be were plentiful, but Fort Lauderdale was in the swirl of a rapid growing period, and the need for a big gathering spot was pretty apparent. So the plan to build an auditorium was approved by the civic organizations and work began in a hurry … (Miami News, Feb. 23, 1950)

The War Memorial Auditorium is located at 86-acre Holiday Park, which opened in 1947. 

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