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Florida History: Fort Lauderdale's Gateway Theater "reeling" since 1951

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Gateway Theater
1820 E. Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

By Jane Feehan

Few living in or visiting Fort Lauderdale fail to drive by the old Gateway Theater (Sunrise and Federal Highway), former site of a lion-breeding pit. The bright lights of its marquee have dimmed only a few times throughout the years. President Kennedy’s assassination was one such occasion; hurricanes knocked out power the others.

Ground was broken for this 1,600-seat Wometco theater – then one of about 30 in the state - June 30, 1950.  A preview of the event made the Miami News June 25, 1950.

… 500 children will dig for buried treasure on groundbreaking day and a parade and a hillbilly band will be featured as part of the festivities. A parade … will move from formation at King Motors, Inc. and march to the construction site in the new Gateway development. After the ceremonies a “Gateway gold rush” will take place with the youngsters digging for gold coins on the construction site, entitling them to prizes. Master of ceremonies will be T. R. "Bud" Starr and Wometco will be represented by Sonny Shepherd of Miami.

Sandra Starr, daughter of Bud Starr was one of the children on hand for the coin search. Early days of the Gateway Theater involved the whole family:
I was there with my grandmother for the coin search at the property. My sisters – Jerri and Susie – and I walked to see the movies every Saturday …My grandfather was the janitor of the building and my cousins the ushers. My father, Thurman Robert “Bud” Starr, a transplanted advertising man from Pittsburgh, named the place Gateway after the Gateway Center in Pittsburg. The Gateway Center, the first commercial center away from downtown, was his project from concept to development. It was his passion bringing about his early death at 42 in 1952.

Bud Starr’s vision, also his passion, led to the successful opening of the theater in March, 1951.

A few months later, the Miami News (Dec. 22, 1951, p. 11) reported that management of the Gateway Theater could not entice any stars of the film “Distant Drums” to attend its Fort Lauderdale debut so “they settled for a group of Seminole Indians.”

The Gateway Theater has kept its doors open for 60 years.  King Motors closed its Sunrise location during the last decade. Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved. Jane Feehan.
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scott said...

I can't count how many fond memories I have of the Gateway Theater. My mom would drop my brother, sister and myself off with $5 for the Saturday morning kids movies. I would always have change and, we ate what we wanted. I won a hula hoop contest there circa 1959.

Jane Feehan said...

I can't believe it's still open. Original plans called for a 500-car parking lot. Needless to say, there's no such lot there today; it's hard to find a space.

Greg Schmidt said...

Perhaps a nostalgic visit would be in order. A lot of us were there EVERY Saturday morning. For the premier of 'Where the Boys Are' My face, at least half of it, was plastered on the poster in front.

jack hegarty said...

i attended the 50th anniversary back in '01 with my Dad, Jack Hegarty he was the first manager,i found pics and posted them on fb...great shots huge crowds,the army comedy "Up Front" opened the theatre....i got original newspaper clippings,bumper stickers......8 x 10 of the openings.....

Wineman44 said...

I spent many Saturday mornings at the Gateway. I never realized Jack Hegarty was the first manager. He was also the first manager at The Sunrise Cinema. The first twin cinema in Ft. Lauderdale. It opened in 1963 or 64 at the Sunrise Shopping Center,now Galleria. I worked there as an usher and Jack Hegarty was my boss.

Dan Thomas said...

Jack Hegarty was also the first manager at the Sunrise Cinema. The first twin cinema in Ft. Lauderdale. It open in 1964 at Sunrise Shopping Center, now the Galleria. I worked as an usher there for two years. Jack was my boss.

Al Stacer said...

The Gateway Theater was a regular hangout in the '60's. Lauderdale High prom events included movies there in 1965 & 66. Was "The Yellow Cadillac" one of them? Thanks for the memories, Jane.