Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Florida History: Local news in 1899 ... NOT your father's news

Tropical Sun, Jan. 5, 1899

Posted by Jane Feehan

A glance at local news items published by the Tropical Sun (South Florida) will leave 21st-century readers chuckling, if not longing for simpler times. The Tropical Sun was at one time, the only newspaper between Melbourne and the upper keys. Here’s a sampling of items that kept people reading newspapers in 1899 (by city and county):

Jupiter Jottings
The Law’s, Ziegler’s, and the DuBoi’s are each the owner of a cow.

Mr. Culberson is coming back again this winter. He is expected here in a few days.

Delray Doings
The Lantana Fish Co. must be doing a land office business judging from the number of boats Mr. M.K. Lyman is building.

What the Sun’s men heard in the Lively Local Whirligig
Major Cooper is still adding to the adornment of his shaving parlor; this week’s handsome potted plants are the attraction.

Tramps are most noticeable in this town by their scarcity. We have too much use for them here on the streets so they keep well away.

The Ladies Aid Society met at the Congregational parsonage Wednesday afternoon and indulged in afternoon tea and other refreshments dear to the ladies' hearts.
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