Sunday, August 14, 2011

Florida History: Where Fort Lauderdale entertained her visitors in 1922

Fort Lauderdale has come a long way in the hospitality industry since the 1920s. This photo made  front page of the Fort Lauderdale Herald, March 3, 1922.  Fort Lauderdale was beginning to appreciate its tourists, especially after the Las Olas bridge and causeway to the beach opened in 1917Hotels and apartments are listed from top left to right, second row left to right, etc. Hotel Broward, the first tourist hotel in Broward County, lies center, number 5.  Most of the buildings listed in the photo were not on the beach.

1. Gilbert Hotel
2. Smith Apartments
3. Dresden Apartments
4. Wallace Apartments
5. Hotel Broward
6. Palms Hotel
7. Shippey House
8. New River Hotel
9. Las Olas Inn (beach side)

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