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Florida History: 85-year-old walks from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale (1920)

Posted by Jane Feehan

Fort Lauderdale Herald, October 15, 1920

A story from 1920 reveals how early Fort Lauderdale captured the imagination of Northerners. (Spelling and punctuation as in the story)

Jake Emich, eighty-five years of age, but rugged and strong, finished a walk from Cleveland, Ohio, when he arrived in Fort Lauderdale the latter part of last week. Mr. Emich left Cleveland the first of July, stopping for several days in Kentucky.

This is not the first long walk that the aged man has made. Several times he has walked across the continent, which probably accounts for his ability to make such a long voyage at his advanced age. It is probably his last one, however, for he likes Fort Lauderdale and declares that he will rent or buy a farm in this section and engage in farming.

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