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Florida History: 1941 Fort Lauderdale facts

Twenty-first century Fort Lauderdale

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The Fort Lauderdale Daily News on November 24, 1941, a few weeks before Pearl Harbor and the entrance of the U.S. into World War II,  printed an ad with the following facts about the city:
Apartments - 210 buildings, 1,100 units
Banks - 3
Churches - 20 representing 16 denominations
Climate - 76.0 degrees yearly mean temperature
Hotels - 34 buildings, 2014 rooms
Office Buildings - 14
Population - Permanent, 17,996; Winter, 45,000
Public Parks - 8
Schools - Public, 6 elementary; 2 junior and senior high schools; 2 private day; 3 parochial; 1 boarding, 1 colored school (public); 2 business colleges; 2 art schools.

In a story (Nov. 24, 1941) about local waterways, the paper reported that there were:

200 miles of waterways within the city limits, 57 bridges, and 30 big-game charter fishing guide boats tied up in New River. Last winter 600 yachts were tied up in snug anchorage in New River, which runs through both business and residential sections of the city.
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