Friday, January 13, 2012

Jade Palace in Fort Lauderdale: where elegance and quality fail to connect

Jade Palace (Take-out also available)
2465 E. Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale (across from the Galleria and next door to Daoud’s Fine Jewelry)
Florida, 33304
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By Jane Feehan

I first walked into Jade Palace one evening during October and was impressed with its d├ęcor and elegance. Problem was, I could find neither staff nor customer at 6 p.m. A neon sign claimed it was “Open.” The place was empty; I heard no replies to my “hello, anyone home?” and left.

On a second visit, at the same hour on a January evening, I was relieved to see a few people there but soon found out why this place isn’t busy. It seems the level of elegance - the “most elegant restaurant in Fort Lauderdale” – claims an inverse proportion to the quality of food served.

I started the meal with a tasteless egg drop soup. That was followed by an equally tasteless vegetable egg roll that a watered-down hot mustard failed to resurrect. The main course, Chicken Wor Bar ($15), was a disgrace. Slimy and white, thin and previously frozen chicken slices with two broccoli florets and three scalloped edged carrot slivers atop bok choy was as insipid as the meal starters. To top it off, the white rice served with it was over-cooked.

This was not a bad night. The basics were a poor excuse for “cuisine.” Why dilute the mustard? How can rice, a staple at a Chinese eatery, be over cooked? Why use low quality, over-processed, unrecognizable chicken? Another problem: I asked if I could sit at the bar to eat and the owner grumpily barked NO! There was no one to serve me there, she said. The almost empty bar was about two steps from the dining area.  Jade Palace is beautiful but lacking in commensurate good food and customer service (though my waiter was fine). Too bad; it’s in a great spot across from the Galleria and, well, elegant.

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