Friday, February 10, 2012

Florida History: Floating mines today and WWII Keys

By Jane Feehan

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A floating mine was recently (Feb. 2012) sighted a mile off Dania in Broward County; beaches were closed until the Navy determined it was harmless, perhaps a training aid.

During World War II, the Navy laid 10,000 mines in US coastal and hemisphere waters. “The mines prevented submarines from penetrating important anchorages, convoy assembly points and refuge areas around Chesapeake Bay, Cape Hatteras, Key West, Trinidad and ... off Alaska,” reported the Miami News (Sept. 18, 1945).

Unfortunately, 14 friendly ships were destroyed or damaged by these mines, including the American destroyer Sturtevant, tankers Blum and FW Abrams, ore ship Chilore and tug Keshena.

Not to say that the recently discovered mine was one of these … but with that many laid, could some still be
out there?
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Miami News, Apr 27, 1942
Miami News, Sept. 18, 1945

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