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Florida History: Land of milk and honey and Fuller's earth - 1921

Newspapers played a big part in promoting Florida during the boom days of the early 1920s.  The Miami Metropolis was no exception. On October 25, 1921 stories about building and farming splashed across its pages:

Few realize the extent of Great Reclamation Project at Back Door of Miami

Vast Area in Everglades Now Being Farmed

Miami Leads Entire State in Building

Embedded in one page of such stories was a summary (unsourced) of Florida superlatives. Time, no doubt, has altered Florida’s first place status in some. See complete list in the clipping.

Florida has first place:
In diversity of food products
In value per acre of farm products
In untilled area that is tillable
In number of growing days
In phosphate mining
In fishing industries
In Fuller’s earth output
In variety of trees
In area of standing timber
In length of coastline
In variety of birds
In winter-grown truck products
In coconuts
In camphor
In variety of hay crops
In sisal

Florida is:
The orchardist’s lotus-land
The trucker’s opportunity
The farmer's three chances a year
The fisherman’s Galilee
The lumberman’s last stand
The beeman's land of milk and honey
The dairyman’s flowing bowl
The filmmaker’s dream
The home seeker’s goal
The citizen’s cornucopia
The manufacturer's future

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