Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Florida History: "Wealthy man not a menace" in 1942

Fort Lauderdale Times, 4/1942

Lt. Col. Seymour Bullock of South Bend, Indiana spoke at a Fort Lauderdale area business club luncheon in April of 1942 where he discussed the benefits to the community of a “white collar man,” like John D. Rockefeller or Henry Ford.  Though simply (if not crudely) put, his premise may remind one of some strands of today’s political conversation.

He told the group that it is the white collar man who moves things about, who watches for opportunities. The laboring man is benefitted by him because it is usually the white collar person who sees a market for the goods made by the laboring man. “A wealthy man is not a menace – he is a godsend, for it is he who has time to see and promote extra things made in this world.” Bullock referred to the laboring man as “keeping his nose to the grindstone” and in this, the laboring man sees only his work …”

As for freedom in the United States, Bullock said it means, partly, that no one can “interfere with the fellow who wants to work.”

Nearly 70 years have passed since this speech. 

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