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Florida History: Florida, Broward population in the 1940s

Fort Lauderdale today (from 17th St)

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In June 1945, the final official Florida State Census revealed the following about Florida and a few of its counties:

Florida population in 1945 was 2,247,039 persons, an increase of 349,624 over the 1940 census and  640,196 more than the Census of 1930. (In 1830 there were 34,730 persons in the state.)

Broward population in 1945 reached 50,442 persons compared to 39,794 in 1940

The five largest counties, ranked from the top: Dade, Duval, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Polk. Palm Beach County was 119 persons short of being ranked ahead of Polk.

South Florida counties gained three House of Representative seats at the expense of North Florida. Those were: Brevard, Lee and Sarasota. Northern counties that lost representation and became one-seat counties were: Madison, Putnam and Suwannee.

The biggest population increases in Florida were in counties where there were military installations and new war industries. Broward's golden decade of growth was five or six years away.

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In the 1950s population growth was influenced by peace time expansion of the economy and tourism. For more on Broward in the 1950s, see:

Fort Lauderdale Daily News, June 11, 1945

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