Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Florida History: Frank Stranahan and the marriage license

Stranahan House

Fort Lauderdale pioneer and trading post owner, Frank Stranahan, met Ivy Julia Cromartie, a young teacher who had moved to his area from Lemon City (where Little Haiti is in Miami today) in 1899. The following is an excerpt from a letter Frank wrote to Ivy about their pending marriage August 1900. It was more business than romance.

 Excuse the paper this was written on. No time to look around for more. Time is short. Wish to ask  you a question that I should have done a few days ago. I am getting the license. How do you wish your name to appear in it and age? I will see you Wednesday. This is the last letter that we will write to each other so will close with the last girl I kissed goodnight.

P.S. This has been written in a rush. Overlook the grammar.
 Frank Stranahan, born 1864, died by suicide in 1929 (see obit below).
Ivy Stranahan, born 1881, died in 1971.

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