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Florida History: Remarkable 1950s SOFLA population milestones

By Jane Feehan
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A special census was taken* in the mid-1950s in Florida. The trend upward from the official US Census of 1950 was remarkable.

Four cities in the state joined the over-50,000 population ranks with Fort Lauderdale leading the way with the biggest increase:

           Fort Lauderdale soared from the 1950 Census of 36,328 to 62,906 persons in the mid-50s.
      Miami Beach went from 46,282 persons in 1950 to a mid-decade count of 50,981.
      West Palm Beach jumped to 51,015 from 43,162 persons in 1950.
      Pensacola, not in South Florida, but among the four growth cities, tallied 50,954 persons at mid-decade; 43,479 were counted in 1950.

Broward County nearly doubled its population in five years – from 83,933 in 1950 to 159,052 persons by the mid-1950s.

Dade County also climbed significantly from 495,084 to 703,777 in about five years.

By 1960, the population increases in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties accounted for approximately 50 percent of the entire state’s growth.
*Locally-financed special counts were taken to qualify for additional revenues.
For more information on population, see:
Miami News, Oct. 11, 1957, pg 9.
Palm Beach Post, Nov. 19, 1961, p.20.

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