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Florida History: "I don't like to arrest a bunch of kids" - Fort Lauderdale in the 40s ...

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Posted by Jane Feehan

Kids have always managed to find mischief. These days arrest-worthy shenanigans may be computer, drug or gun-related. During the mid-1940s in Fort Lauderdale, law enforcement was concerned about kids on bicycles.

Bikes weren't causing problems; it was the sirens youngsters mounted on them that sounded like ambulances, fire trucks and police cars.

The Fort Lauderdale Daily News found the problem noteworthy enough to publish a front-page story about it June 5, 1945 when law enforcement announced an initiative to do away with sirens.

"Owners of bicycles with sirens will be arrested," said Police Chief R.A. Addison.  He warned the public that sirens were to be used  only by emergency vehicles and police cars.

"I don't like to arrest a bunch of kids," said Addison, "but these unauthorized sirens cause too much trouble."

Those halcyon days ...

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