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Florida History: S&H Green Stamps enters SOFLA, its final frontier

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By Jane Feehan

The stuff of mid-20th century American shopping, S&H Green Stamps entered the South Florida market during  May 1961 when Sperry Hutchinson inked deals with W.T. Grant’s, Winn Dixie, and Publix. South Florida was the final U.S. market the company penetrated. Redemption centers opened in the Fort Lauderdale/ Miami area in July that year.

Sperry Hutchinson began distributing stamps in 1896. The stamps, in denominations of one, ten and fifty points, were bonuses to shoppers based on dollars spent. Shoppers could redeem books of 1200 points for merchandise at redemption centers. Green stamps reached the zenith of their popularity in the 1960s. Recessions and competitors diminished the company’s market share of shopping bonus programs by the 1970s.

S&H filed for bankruptcy in 1996. In 2000, the company merged with Xinetix, Inc., a Fort Lauderdale operator of supermarket loyalty programs.  S&H launched the Greenpoints program (, a shopping bonus program for online purchases, in 2001.

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