Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Florida History: A Las Olas tunnel for Fort Lauderdale?

Looking east on Las Olas
By Jane Feehan

Many know about Fort Lauderdale’s Henry E. Kinney Tunnel* along US Highway 1 (Federal Highway), under the New River. A controversial subject for two decades, it was finally completed in 1960. But not many know – or remember – that a second tunnel was proposed for the city in 1951.

A second tunnel idea had been toyed with once before and was cast aside. But estimated revenues from the proposed New River project revived thoughts about a second tunnel as part of the Broward County traffic improvement program. Traffic was becoming a monumental problem in growing Fort Lauderdale during the 1950s.

State Representatives John Burwell and Ted David from Broward County were probably influential in turning down that plan. They were more focused on a quick start on the bridge at SE 17th Street.

It would be hard to imagine Fort Lauderdale without the beautiful vista of the waterway provided by the Las Olas Bridge today.  Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved. Jane Feehan.

*For more on the Henry E. Kinney Tunnel, see: http://tinyurl.com/6swsoae

Source:   Miami Daily News, Dec. 20, 1951
Henry E. Kinney tunnel under New River



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