Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Florida History: Broward Marine - largest employer in county - 1950s

Minesweepers under construction during the 1950s

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Broward Marine, established in 1948 by Frank Denison when he bought Dooley’s Basin and Dry Dock*, was once the county’s biggest employer. During the 1950s, about 10 minesweepers (see photo) were constructed at the company for the U.S. and Dutch navies. Ownership has changed a few times for the shipyard located along the New River, east of I-95. It is now the site of Lauderdale Marine Center, the largest boat repair facility in the country. See:

For a list of boats/ships built at Broward Marine, see:

* Dooley's was founded in 1937; most of its business was dedicated to WWII military contracts. 

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