Thursday, February 7, 2013

Green's Pharmacy: Luncheonette lured JFK ... and me

Green's Pharmacy
151 North County Road
Palm Beach, FL
(561) 832-4443
Breakfast and lunch

By Jane Feehan

The idle rich, working poor and all kinds in between rub elbows (well, almost) at this Palm Beach institution known for its old fashioned lunch counter and simple dining room that was John F. Kennedy's favorite spot for breakfast when in town.

Walking into a place JFK frequented is parallel to stopping by a site where George Washington slept during our War for Independence. Sort of.
Packed by 12:30

There are not many lunch counters around like this anymore where one can order a milk shake, egg cream or malted with a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, burger and fries - or other old time fav. It's worth a stop if in the area. Average meal prices run $10, not bad for this golden island. Breakfast served until 4 p.m. Oh  - and don't forget to do your drugstore shopping here. Great reading glasses at reasonable prices.

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