Sunday, March 24, 2013

Museum to host overnighters at old Peanut Island Coast Guard station

The Palm Beach Maritime Museum on Peanut Island, where a bunker was built for President John F. Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis, may soon be available for educational overnight stays.

Manager Anthony Williams says plans are underway to have quarters available perhaps as soon as summer at the site of the former Coast Guard Station, now a museum. Overnight guests, who could be children in groups, or adult couples would have access to captain's chambers, mess hall, kitchen and radio room. Accommodations would duplicate Coast Guard Station life of the 1930s.

Opening date and pricing have not been settled on, but discussion has included group rates of $25  each for children and $150 for adult couples. The island where the museum sits was refurbished as a county park in 2005, hosting campers and visitors who travel there by boat.

Palm Beach Maritime Museum 561-832-7428

For more on the history of Peanut Island, see:

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