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New owners for gambling ship docked at Port of Palm Beach - Launch set

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UPDATE 3/12/2014
Island Breeze will launch its casino cruises Saturday, March 15. The ship will sail twice daily--at 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.-- seven days a week. Tickets will run $10 per person. Lunch buffet can be purchased for $10; dinner buffet for $15 per person. For reservations, call
561-410-7447 or visit

UPDATE 2/21/2014
Island Breeze says it may launch its casino cruises in March, with a possible soft launch the weekend of Feb. 28, pending U.S. Coast Guard approval. A grand opening is planned for March 20.

The ship will sail twice daily on week days - 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 6:30 to 11:30 p.m., with a slighltly different schedule on weekends. Tickets will run $25 per person and will include a lunch or dinner buffet.

A Jamie Gold Poker Room will be hosted by 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event champ, Jamie Gold.

Island Breeze is planning to offer a shuttle service from St. Lucie County to Pompano Beach in Broward County. See for updates and more information.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that they are, indeed, moving forward according to this Feb. 21, 2014 announcement.

Just out (2014) from Sandra Lansky, daughter of Meyer Lansky:

UPDATE 09/28/2013 - LAUNCH POSTPONED TO LATE OCTOBER -- OR EVEN LATER. KEY STAFF POSITIONS YET UNFILLED. I called once and a man answered. No information available.

For additional gambling venues, visit:



Sun-Sentinel says September; Palm Beach Post states October. Hmmmm ...

Island Breeze
To sail from Port of Palm Beach - Riviera Beach

The Black Diamond floating casino ship was a long time in setting sail and a short time in business. A new company is coming to town to try their hand in offshore gambling aboard the same vessel.

Island Breeze International expects to be pulling up anchors for a casino cruise around August 1. The former Black Diamond will be named Island Breeze by its new owners who are based in N.J. A ten-year lease and cruise operating agreement was recently approved by the port commission for the Port of Palm Beach.

The ship will undergo remodeling - again - and will have new gambling equipment. Entertainment, dining and gambling will be offered on all cruises.

Judging by the amount of traffic on this blog for the Black Diamond casino ship, which operated for only a few months, there will be keen interest in this new venture.
Keeping our fingers crossed ...

Stay tuned ...

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Searover said...

Glad someone is on top of this. The Palm Beach Post ran its article 4 days after the FtL Sentenal.

Vinny Mancini said...

You neeed a new boat. Inside the boat doesnt matter. It rocks small.boat equals people getting sick. Big mistake again