Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Celebrity Equinox cruise, a day in Athens


By Jane Feehan

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Quite a day we had in Athens. We hired a driver  instead of opting for one of the Equinox tours. Our guide, Stelios Spinoulas, was knowledgeable and charming. I will be writing a post about him when we return.

One of the first "sights" we encountered driving into Athens was a pack of about four or five dogs looking right and looking left as they were attempting to cross a busy street. I feared they were about to be run over but Stelios assured us this is a common sight in Athens. Strays are picked up by the police, brought to a vet where they are examined for disease (and probably neutered) and set out again with collars. People are quite good about feeding these creatures; we didn't see a thin stray anywhere. Fat cats also abound ... and I'm an animal lover.

Stelios showed us so many highlights of Athens, I can't remember them all: Parthenon, Acropolis, ancient markets, President's palace, old city (Plaka), the Olympic stadium, where the modern games commenced in 1896, and the port city of Piraeus.  It was a day we will long remember, thanks to our guide.
Happy dogs at the Temple to Zeus where they are cared for

More cruise tips and info:
Equinox tours for Athens run about $40 to $140 per person. We arranged our private tour months ago.

The food on the ship continues to amaze us. We have not had a bad meal and have eaten in a number of venues, including specialty restaurants. 

Shopping is not great on the Equinox. There are very few sundries such as shampoo and mouth wash on two or three shelves in one store. There are clothing shops but with a limited selection of items and sizes such as T-shirts and hats. A high end cosmetics shop is available but again, limited in items.

Many people from around the world are on this ship, but Americans are in the majority.
Temple to Athena
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