Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Erawan, sad spin on "authentic Thai cuisine" - Houston Galleria

Authentic Thai Cuisine
Sage Plaza Shopping Center
5161 San Felipe, Houston 77056

Visualize a Sunday evening at prime dinner hour (about 7:15 p.m.) in a small, upscale shopping plaza with one restaurant abuzz with patrons and the eatery next door empty. I picked the empty one—Erawan.   

If I could see have seen from the outside that it was empty, I would not have entered but once inside the attractive establishment, I was hailed to sit down. OK, perhaps they do a bang-up takeout biz. But then a menu adorned with greasy finger prints was delivered, which is often a bad sign. It went downhill from there. 

Thawed-out-and-fried, dreary-tasting oversized spring rolls stuffed with shredded cabbage (and little else), accompanied by a thick, syrup-sweet, flourescent-pink bottled sauce proved to be a second warning salvo. 

The coup de grĂ¢ce: what seemed to be a German interpretation of vegetable pad thai. By German, I refer to the heavy-handed use of vinegar with the noodles. That, and unappetizing chunks of tofu and a few, very few, sliced vegetables made for a nearly inedible mess. And where were the finely chopped peanuts? Not authentic Thai cuisine … not that evening anyway.

And nary a phone call or customer for takeout …and people waiting to get into the restaurant next door.

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