Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Dock - Gulfport, Mississippi

The Dock
Bar and Grill
12347 Seaway Rd.
Gulfport, MS 39503
Open Wednesday-Sunday: 11 a.m. until close

By Jane Feehan

Three bars and a large deck attract the youngish crowd to The Dock in Gulfport. With its waterside location (Gulfport Lake) reggae music, and tropical motif, it’s reminiscent of places in Fort Lauderdale frequented by the bathing-suit-attired.

There’s probably a reason for that. The Dock’s proprietor, John Dane III, is president and CEO of Gulfport-based Trinity Yachts, a popular boat manufacturer among the high-end boat enthusiasts in Fort Lauderdale. No doubt he spends time there.

The menu is good, the food isn’t bad and there’s plenty of room for large groups – and an occasional concert; the Marshall Tucker Band was a recent headliner. There’s lots of room for a variety of day time activities, including volleyball and people watching.

A fried grouper basket was unexpectedly flavorsome: three pieces of fish with a light batter, several jalapeƱo hushpuppies - chewier than they should have been but not a turnoff - a generous portion of better- than-average fries and a side of ho-hum cole slaw made for one huge meal - lots of food for about $11. Large burgers with a variety of toppings are also worth the visit. The Dock serves soups and salads, po-boys and appetizer items that could also serve as main courses. Fried platters, including redfish, oysters or shrimp and party platters for $21 round out the offerings.

Docks, of course, available for boaters. Service: good. 2010 Jane Feehan. All rights reserved.

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