Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chef Scott's Restaurant and Sushi Bar - Ocean Springs, MS

Chef Scott’s Restaurant and Sushi Bar
1314 Government St.
Ocean Springs, MS

It’s not fancy, there’s no Web site, nor Facebook page, it’s not easily visible along the main drive through Ocean Springs but Chef Scott’s serves fabulous food. If you don’t like sushi, you will after a meal here.

I dined on #2 Relationship roll (about $13) – a crawfish tempura roll with cream cheese and asparagus. Instead of seaweed paper, a yellow soy paper was used to roll the ingredients – excellent flavor, super fresh and perhaps the best sushi I’ve ever eaten. They were out of crab and asparagus soup, a popular starter. Next time …

Specialties include rolls with salmon, cream cheese, scallions and avocado, or shrimp tempura and cucumber with siracha spicy sauce. The list goes on and on but the choices are definitely creative and appetizing.

Lunch bento boxes ($11 average) come in a selection of sushi, shrimp or crawfish tempura, chicken, steak, scallops and wok vegetables. Dinners ($16-25) are served with miso soup or salad and eight to 24 pieces of sushi.

Two diners there told me they didn’t like sushi until they ate at Chef Scott’s ... I found out why. Service: Good. No alcohol but Chef Scott’s welcomes yours. Take out available. Casual - and busy.   © Jane Feehan. All rights reserved 2010.

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