Thursday, May 6, 2010

Five Things Clueless Restaurants and Servers Do

Another segment in the Clueless series ...

Witnessed on the dining circuit (in New Orleans or along the Mississippi Gulf Coast): proprietors, servers or bartenders who:

  • Sit at the table with customers. Need a friend?
  • Lower the lights to the point the menu and partner across the table are not visible. Hiding something?
  • Leave unanswered requests for reservations on answering machines or voice mail. Why say your call will be returned when you have no intention of doing so?
  • Talk on a cell phone with one’s back to a bar patron nearly the entire time a patron is there – except to bring a drink or the bill. Some sit at the bar rather than a table to have conversation with the bartender. Interested in tips-big ones?
  • Speak - chirp - to an adult as if he or she were a child in daycare.  Don't do it - no matter how old the customer.                                                                      © 2010 Jane Feehan All rights reserved. (New Orleans and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast)

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