Sunday, May 23, 2010

Newk's: Busy not always a good thing

Newk’s Express Cafe
3883 Promenade Parkway (north of Biloxi)
D’Iberville, Mississippi

Sometimes being busy is not a good thing.  Newk’s, with order-at-the-counter-and-deliver-to-table service, offers an interesting menu of toasted sandwiches, pizza and salads but at times there’s a problem finding a table after ordering.

On a recent Saturday visit (I’ve been there a few times) at 2 p.m. or so, I couldn’t find a seat and had to eat in my car. Annoying.  I don’t mind with a $5 meal from a fast food joint, but not with a $10 order. Chicken salad with grapes and pecans (forget the provolone) on toasted bread proved to be a good choice – better than the rather bland vegetarian sandwich of the week before.

Newk’s, at the Promenade Shopping Center near Biloxi, offers a few novel touches such as a condiment table with a variety of hot peppers, grated cheese, crackers and bread sticks to dress up a meal.  Items range from $7-$10 and they sell wine and beer. Diner beware, this is a noisy place with lots of kids. Speaking of kids, a Little Newk’s Favorites menu with items from $3.25-3.75 seems to be what draws them.  It's a new restaurant and staff should be well-informed about other Newk’s stores in and out of state; they didn't know the facts here when I asked. Employees can be a company’s best marketers. Take out available. ©2010 Jane Feehan All rights reserved.

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