Saturday, September 4, 2010

Franco and Vinny's Pizza Shack - One of a Kind - Fort Lauderdale

Franco and Vinny’s Pizza Shack
2884 East Sunrise Blvd. (Near the beach)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
Dinner seven days: open 4 -10 or 11 p.m.
Takeout available

By Jane Feehan

Locals and tourists beat a path to Franco and Vinny’s Pizza Shack for good food. Open since the 1970s, it’s the quintessential traditional neighborhood Italian restaurant. But whether one calls it Franco and Vinny’s or just the Pizza Shack, patrons return for more than what's on the menu.

Proprietor Vinny Esposito offers Old World hospitality that’s seldom found anymore. When Vinny is not directing kitchen operations or even cooking, he’s darting from table to table greeting friends, making new ones or checking to see if everyone has what they need. His queries are not for show; he really wants everyone to leave happy. His wife, Caterina, often pitches in as hostess and works just as hard to please.

There’s much more than great pizza here. The name “Pizza Shack” belies the offerings. Fresh seafood, steaks, chicken, veal, an array of traditional pasta dishes and a variety of sandwiches are all commendable. Their house made marinara sauce and balsamic vinaigrette rank as some of the best in town.

With only wine and beer, the Pizza Shack’s bar has to be one of the friendliest in Fort Lauderdale. It’s a great place to dine, meet and converse with some interesting locals and tourists.  Staff offers excellent service. Speaking of staff – both cook and wait staff are long timers here; it speaks volumes about their boss. There’s no place else like this in town. Kid friendly. Copyright 2010 ©Jane Feehan. All rights reserved.

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