Thursday, December 30, 2010

U.S. Seafood: Going Going, GONE – or Saved?

By Jane Feehan

Seafood lovers and sports fishing enthusiasts should have the relatively new National Policy for the Stewardship of the Ocean, Coasts and Great Lakes on their radars; commercial fishermen do.

President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the policy on July 19, 2010 as a nod to  recommendations made by the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force in the spring of 2010.
“Spatial planning,” central to the new policy, will limit where fishing will be permitted. I’ve spoken to several local fish market owners and they fear the policy will drive local fishermen and their markets 
out of business

I’m not sure how this will affect jobs, small businesses and restaurants. Will fish farming be the government's solution? I’m not keen on eating farmed fish, loaded with antibiotics and hormones (tilapia, or Atlantic salmon, anyone?). Will the national policy prove be the best approach for much-needed ocean conservation?  It may be; only time will tell. One thing is certain: more regulations for the most regulated country in the world.

Executive Order for Executive Order for the Stewardship of Our Oceans, Coasts, and Great Lakes

A synopsis of that policy from the White House is posted at:

For articles on the pros and cons,visit

Any other ideas to save the fish?

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