Sunday, January 2, 2011

Classico's Italian Restaurants: Nonna's kitchen in Juno Beach

Classico’s Italian Restaurants

14131 US Highway 1 at Loggerhead Plaza
Juno Beach, Florida
(561) 622-9772

By Jane Feehan

“Two great restaurants, one great location,” Classico’s self-description goes.  One side is a bar and pizzeria, the other a bit more upscale dining area. Both offer the same convivial atmosphere.

A loaf of warm bread and a plate of olive oil with garlic serve as part of their welcome on the full-dining side; both are good. The menu is southern Italian – lots of cheese and sauce.  Sunday sauce, the kind one’s Italian grandmother simmers with meat on the stove for hours, joins marinara and white as “gravies” available for pasta, seafood, veal, beef and chicken It's homey eating here - not gourmet. Warning: the portions are huge. Diners may want to think about sharing, even though the charge is $6. It’s still reasonable. I had leftovers of the leftovers at home the next night. Dessert choices are presented on a tray and most are house made. I can’t imagine many getting to that part of the meal; I couldn’t.

The atmosphere has that New York City kind of feeling with photos of 1950s and 60s celebs. Cute, but not really as sophisticated as it’s trying to be. The white table clothes, pleasant lighting, and soothing acoustics make up where the photos leave off.

There aren’t many places to eat in Juno Beach, which probably accounts for patrons greeting each other when they enter; it adds to a warm, felicitous atmosphere.

One caveat: the pizza served in the other side of the restaurant is NOT good; they use inexpensive cheese and a cook up a crust that tastes over-oiled.

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