Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crawdaddy's N'awlins Café in Jensen: this rhyme may save your dime

Crawdaddy’s  N’awlins Café and Raw Bar
1949 NE Jensen Beach Blvd.
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

By Jane Feehan

Always in search of a slice of the Big Easy,
I sashayed into Crawdaddy’s N’awlins Café feelin’ a bit queasy.
Would this be the place my Florida search would end
for the shrimp po’boy with that unbeatable Crescent City blend?

Shrimp are dipped into spicy batter in that city,
then fried golden and set atop a long crusty roll so pretty.
Dressed, maybe pressed they come, with lettuce crisp and tomatoes sliced.
But not at Crawdaddy’s where their version would have to suffice.

Because there’s no deep fryer at this Jensen Beach place,
to cook up shrimp N’awlins style, they told us with a straight face.
So it was sliced chicken drenched in etoufee on a weird roll served -
rendering the name "po'boy" undeserved.

But all was not lost at Crawdaddy’s N’awlins Café
‘cause  they dished out a thick and tasty gumbo made their way.
My Florida quest continues for an authentic, delicious shrimp po’boy,
something even a New Orleanian could call the Real McCoy.

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