Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nauti Dawg Marina Cafe: View is better than the food

Nauti Dawg Marina Café – 954-941-0246
Lighthouse Point Marina 
2841 Marina Circle
Lighthouse Point, FL
Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day except for Tuesday
Open 7 a.m -  9 p.m.
Dockage Available
Beer and wine served

Lighthouse Point Marina:

 By Jane Feehan

With new owners and a new name since I was last here, Nauti Dawg Marina Café looks much the same in its beautiful yacht basin setting. Unfortunately, the food has gone south.

Two of us headed there for a late lunch one Saturday.  The crowd had cleared and only a handful of tables remained; we anticipated getting served right away. We almost left after 45 minutes of waiting for our orders but held back after the waitress told us our meal would be delivered soon. Another 10 minutes went by.

We would have left had we known the food we waited for so long would be
almost, well … bad. An uninspiring Greek salad (about $13 with mahi mahi) was thrown together with lettuce that had an unwashed taste and a grilled chicken sandwich (about $11) was barely chewable with its tough French bread. Onion rings were greasy and tasteless.

We’ll be back to give it another chance. The view is beautiful from both indoors and out. A steel drum player kicks up the vacation-like atmosphere a notch or two on weekends from 2-6 p.m. Nauti Dawg celebrates when the moon is full with live music and local partiers. Breakfast overlooking the marina will be a great way to start my day on the next visit. I’ll bring a book.  Maybe I’ll have a positive update afterward … stay tuned.

The Lighthouse Marina, home of Nauti Dawg, is not easy to find. It’s next to the boat landing for Cap’s Place. If you’re driving north from Fort Lauderdale turn right at the pink church, which lies north of Copans Road. Follow the signs for “marina” and/or Cap’s Place. Dress is casual.

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