Monday, July 23, 2012

Saint Tropez Bistro - authentically French in Fort Lauderdale

Saint Tropez Bistro
1010 East Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Open seven days for lunch and dinner

By Jane Feehan

History tells us that it was the Italians who introduced fine food to the French.  Saint Tropez Bistro brings its spin on French cookery to Fort Lauderdale and the city is better for it. Open since 2009, this eatery has endeared itself to the community; the bistro captures the essence of casual French food.

It’s not formal or stuffy with plenty of outdoor seating both adjacent to Las Olas Boulevard and in an airy, yet elegant arcade. A tip off to its authenticity is its limited but more-than-adequate and traditional menu featuring spicy lamb sausages, escargots in garlic-parsley butter sauce, steamed mussels, salmon, duck a la orange, several different cuts of beef, and lamb chops.   

Introduced by a basket of warm, tempting French bread, a lunch of Salade Byblos au poulet et aux noix – was as beautiful as it was tasty. Grilled, carved chicken on greens surrounded by large slices of tomato topped off with a generous sprinkling of blue cheese, a dash of delicate vinaigrette, walnuts, and artistically sliced apples made a sweltering summer day more bearable.  Their Sandwich Cannes with chicken was equally enjoyable served atop a fresh baguette and accented by a subtly nuanced French mustard.

Desserts vary by season but count on cr̬me brulee or tarte tatin Рupside down caramelized apple tart Рas staples for a sweet ending to a great meal.

Service is excellent; moderately priced (check their website above for prices).

Check Food Network for tarte tatin recipes:

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